Author: Bill Carrico    Written: December 2020

Charles W. “Bill” Carrico, Sr. is a retired Virginia State Police Trooper. He served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 2002-2012 and in the Senate of Virginia from 2012-2020.

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As we have seen all across America, there is a full assault on law and order in our country. We saw another attack yesterday in the Virginia General Assembly when Democrat Senator Scott Surovell and 20 other Democrats advanced a bill to reduce the severity of an assault on a police officer to a misdemeanor offense. Just like the lawless crowds destroying the cities across America the Democrats are now doing it from the statehouse and calling it police reform. They are claiming law enforcement is not using good discretion/judgment when making these charges of assault. I have walked a mile in their shoes in these types of situations, having served fifteen years as Virginia State Trooper.

There were times I was assaulted by grieving family members trying to get to their deceased loved ones yet no charges were placed because I knew they were in shock and not thinking clearly. At other times when I had to deliver death messages, I stood there while being hit as they begged me not to tell them the bad news and still no charges placed. Or when a person was obviously having a phycological or medical episode, no charges were placed because it was obvious, they were sick.

However, there were times when a drunk driver or drug user was belligerent, kicking me or punching me in the face to stun me in order to flee, they were charged. I recall the time I was driving a suspect on PCP to jail and he kicked my dashboard, breaking my seat while handcuffed behind his back, he head-butted me causing me to drive my car into a ditch as we fought over my gun which he was able to get from my holster, he, of course, was charged.

Now the Democrats have paved the way for these incidents to occur to law enforcement more often by watering the law down to a misdemeanor. This assault is upon our men and women who go out every day not knowing if they will return home after their shift in order to protect you, your family, and your property. Elections have consequences.

In 2020 I hope you will join me in sending a loud and clear message that we do not approve of this assault on law and order by helping to elect leaders that will uphold the rule of law. Remember 2021 is also just around the corner and then we must shift our focus on a more Secure Virginia.